So… What kind of promo does work best?

The results are in! What kinds of promo work best? All of them!

It was an almost exact tie, with the first two getting the highest response.

Romance author Jane E. Jones ( adds, “Honestly, I find that a good website and the social networking sites like Twitter, a regularly updated blog, and joining a popular writer’s forum or two have been the best promo for me.” You can read her comment to the What Kind of Promo Works Best for You post below.

Tammie King, (owner of Night Owl Romance, Romance Book Promotion,, and Tammie King Web Design suggests, “One way is to get started is by providing a monthly newsletter. Get people to sign-up by doing a monthly contest via the newsletter… promote that on your website and at other locations. I use Constant Contact, but their are other newsletter services.”

Here are the results:

Posting excerpts with loops I regularly “play” on
releasing another book–each new release boosts back-catalog sales
blogging and/or twittering
Posting excerpts with loops I don’t regularly “play” on
Other (see below)
Offering contests and give- aways

Best get working on that stuff…. after I tweat about it, and post it to myspace… come follow me!


Thanks to everyone who voted!

Fiona 🙂


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