The “Help! I Need a Contest” Contest Standings

Thanks to those of you who jumped in and tried to bale my butt out of the fire–uh, I mean, prove how fun and interactive the web can be!–by entering my “Help! I Need a Contest” contest. Here are the great ideas we have so far…

Name the Heroine of the Next Book

Best Answer to: “Who Would Win a Battle to the Death – A Highwayman or a Pirate?”  (I can’t believe I’m humoring him by even posting this)

Refer a Friend to “Like” you on Facebook

Scavenger Hunt – Find some item on the website

Hold an Author Chat on the Reader’s Loop and Pick a Visitor at Random

Name the Next Book

Name the Next Hero

Leave a Blog Comment on a Certain Topic and Pick a Random Winner

Guess Which Thing Belongs to the Author…. (i.e. ten pictures of random wacky stuff and one is something that’s actually mine.)


So far, so good, huh? If you don’t see your idea there, i.e. I completely messed up and lost it, then just send it back to me and I’ll get it listed!

Keep em coming… posting the winner Thursday at Noon!

Fiona 🙂


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